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The Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools wants to fund your imaginative ideas!
The Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools wants to fund your imaginative ideas!

The Foundation's mission is to provide financial support for educational projects, programs, and initiatives that will enhance and enliven the classroom experience and promote excellence in West Hartford Public Schools.

The Foundation raises funds from individuals, businesses, and civic groups in the community as well as alumni nationwide. Gifts of $1,000 or more entitle the donor to honor an individual, business or civic group by having the Foundation name a grant. Once a year, certified teachers throughout the school district are invited to apply for grants ranging from $200 to $3,000 for a project that will enhance student experience, complement the curriculum and demonstrate educational merit. A Foundation committee reviews the applications with the teacher's name and school removed. After approval by the Foundation board, awards are presented in late spring of each year.

For more information or to apply for a grant, visit The Foundation's webpage HERE.

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Grants Awarded to King Philip Middle School this year:

Crate & Barrel Grant: Discovering Meaning through Recycled and Found Objects: Collaboration with Silas Finch Eina Rieger, Lead Teacher

Grade 8 students at King Philip Middle School will work with Connecticut based sculpture artist Silas Finch who will introduce them to new ways of thinking about art. Students will expe-rience how he repurposes found objects, fragments, metal scraps, antique finds, and na-ture to create works of art. Silas will join each eighth grade class and they will work on a collaborative art project that explores the use of found objects and how we can construct and change meaning of objects based on how they are put together. Students will make connections to history and their current life; be introduced to a new style of art - Steam Punk; and have the opportunity to work with the artist and export the creative process themselves.


Dominant Language Novels for ELLs Johannah Kosienski, Lead Teacher

This grant will support 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from King Philip Middle School for whom English is not a first language by providing them with novels written in their own language. Selected novels for the school year include The Christmas Carol and A Wrinkle in Time (6th grade); The Giver and The Hobbit (grade 7); and The Outsiders, Night, and Long Walk to Water (grade 8). The novels will be purchased in the top five languages (other than English) spoken and read at the school : Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Arabic. After reading these novels, emerging English students will be able to actively participate in classroom discussions, text analysis and in writing projects and assessments.


Dr. Robert & Gladys Dunn Grant: Creating Organized Chaos, a Visit from Artist Mijumi Stacey Grindle, Lead Teacher

The artist Mijumi will visit King Philip Middle School and inspire sixth grade artists with his style of mark making and patterns while connecting to culture and heritage. Students will be able to create their own work using similar techniques developed from Mijumi's style in a workshop format. Working for three full days, students will understand the artist's sensibilities regarding his approach to painting, emotion and cultural relevance. Students will engage in discussions about style, process, inspiration and his artistic journey and will gain artistic independence through this exploration. Mijumi will join sixth grade visual art classes for three days and bring commonly used items he creates as works of art with him. He will reach 120-150 students in this workshop. The personalization of each student's work will be the driving force of the workshop while challenging students to explore and connect with common objects and traditional painting materials. Students will be introduced to his creative process and will take part in a unique, meaningful personal artistic process relevant to this moment in history. The artist will bring examples of his work as inspiration and a "jumping off" point for student creation.


Frankie & Bob Goldfarb Grant: Interpreting the Natural World through Paper Sculpture: Artist Residency with Amy Genser Megan Cassidy, Lead Teacher

Through a residency with nationally recognized local artist Amy Genser, all 7th grade students at King Philip Middle School will learn about Amy’s unique paper sculptural works and create a collaborate art piece focused on Connecticut’s natural environment. In individual presentations to each art class, Amy will share information about her research and creative process that results in the development of innovative wall sculptures that emulate paintings and imagery of the natural world. Amy will engage students in a discussion of her journey as a professional artist whose works are housed in private and public collections across the United States. The program will culminate in Amy's guiding students through the design and fabrication of a collaborative abstract wall sculpture that emulates her technique.


Lexham West Hartford Grant: Expand Science Club So More Students Can Participate in Science & Engineering Projects Robert Felekey, Lead Teacher & Carey Poetzsch, Margaret Reagan, Marni Paulus, Maryann Salvatore

Science Club at King Philip Middle School extends the curriculum in math, science, technology and engineering. Computer programming and robotics provide a way of re-wiring the adolescent brain based on experience and positive outcomes from selected actions. There are currently 40 students in the Science Club. This will expand the club so that twice as many students can participate. The Mindful Middle Schooler & the 3 R's: Relax, Refocus & Reduce Stress Alison Lessard, Lead Teacher The Mindful Middle Schooler project will teach students at King Philip techniques to achieve the 3 R’s by relaxing, refocusing, and reducing anxiety and stress. In today’s society of ever improving technology, our children often experience a fast paced, over stimulating way of life. Students will be led through guided meditations and yoga postures that will focus on breath awareness and mindfulness. These sessions will be introduced and utilized throughout the day. A calm space will be set-up in the classroom for students to use during times of stress or anxiety (prior to test taking, oral presentations, etc.)