Dr. Chad Ellis

outside of Bristow

At Bristow Middle School, we are a unique community of learners. Guided by our core values, we are focused on preparing students for academic success, social-emotional and physical wellness. We are equity-minded and strive to be culturally responsive in our approach to working with students and families.

As principal, I am often asked “what make Bristow different?” Although we’re a public school, we enjoy many of the features one might find in an independent school. We cherish the small, tight-knit community that we have here and the beauty of our school and campus. Our entire staff regularly goes above and beyond in their service to students and families. Every student that joins us becomes a member of the Bristow family, and will remain one their whole lives. We look forward to welcoming each new group of young people that joins us, and hope that you will be proud to be a Bristow Bulldog!

Bristow hallway

I feel incredibly grateful to be part of the Bristow “family”. I have worked in the West Hartford Public Schools as both a World Language Department Supervisor and an Assistant Principal at Hall High School. In my different roles, I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know the West Hartford community, the families, the schools’ faculties and staff members and the diverse populations that make up those groups. The Bristow School community is a wonderful reflection of all that the West Hartford community and public school system have to offer.

Here at Bristow we continue to focus on creating safe and supportive learning environments for all students who come through our doors. We want students to feel a sense of belonging to a school community where they feel valued, seen and heard. When students are engaged in their school community, we see academic success follow. We continue at Bristow to create academic programming that is rigorous, engaging and appropriate for all types of learners.

As Assistant Principal, I look forward to getting to know each and every student that joins our team and work collaboratively with teachers, staff and families to help every student find success and be proud to be a Bristow Bulldog!

Meghan Zingle

Assistant Principal