Technology & Engineering

Mission: Examine technologies past, present, and future and to provide students with the tools and skills necessary to become productive 21st century citizens who are able to make informed decisions about the designed world.


Technology & Engineering is a rigorous, project-based program that enables students to:

  • Advance technological literacy for all students
  • Apply interdisciplinary learned skills for implementing the design process
  • Collaborate to enhance collective learning experiences in a diverse environment
  • Develop career awareness to make informed and educated occupation decisions

Dawn Anstett

Technology & Engineering Teacher

Curriculum Focus

6th Grade

Throughout the year we will explore technological systems through what they call the human productive areas of technology; communications, construction, manufacturing and transportation. It is through learning the process of engineering design that we will design vehicles and structures, and really dig into not just how things work, but how things are always changing.

7th Grade

In the fall students learn how to safely and effectively use the tools and machines and then put it together with scheduling processes to manufacture a product. The Spring rotation our focus is on Robotics and Coding.

8th Grade

Students study graphic design, photography, engineering and coding over the course of the year, and look at careers.

Lego Robot